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This is a single fold Brochure. The unique layout of this card invites people to read about what you do. This project can be paired with the Donation Card and envelope for a powerful way of inviting people to give. This Brochure is 4 pages, and designed to be used in most contexts that you interact with current and potential donors.
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We're currently developing this product. You're welcome to request it, though you can expect a slightly (or not so slightly) bumpy process as we iron out the details. In addition, we may ask you for some extra feedback on your experience to improve this project for someone else. Thanks for going with the flow!

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Connect with Your Donors Better

This project will help you explain who you are and what you do in a compelling way. Having a great brochure builds credibility with donors.

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What are the requirements of Partnership?

Partnering with Unseen consists of several requirements. These requirements allow us to understand the impact that we have on our partners, and communicate that impact to our donors. Main requirements include:

  • Participation in our Annual Survey
  • Good Communication while completing projects.
  • Keeping us updated on changes to your legal status or leadership.

visit this page for the full list of partnership requirements.

"Your team did a wonderful job and went above and beyond..."

Amy Churchill

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